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County Art Workshops brings art instructors to Prince Edward County to engage with art students seeking high quality instruction in an inspiring destination. Group workshops allow participants to enjoy the camaraderie of learning with other like-minded students. From photography to painting, pottery to hand-blown glass, art is everywhere in The County. Be sure to visit.

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Weekend workshops permit intense focus, drawing on the teaching expertise of established instructors.

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Because of the demand for accommodations in The County from early spring through late fall, we urge you to book accommodations early.

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Prince Edward County emphasizes ‘farm to table’ which has lead to an impressive number of excellent restaurants. 

Dear Artists

These are unprecedented times and we are settling in for a longer haul than we initially expected, Artists and students are reevaluating the possibilities to further their art education and to maintain links with the art community. County Art Workshops is paying close attention to the ways in which art education is repositioning itself in the context of the uncertain trajectory of the pandemic and necessary safety requirements. Online instruction is an obvious alternative and many teachers are excelling at optimizing the online experience.

County Art Workshops is monitoring developments in art education and making plans so that we can continue to offer high quality instruction in the safest way possible. As in the past, newsletter subscribers will receive advance notification of educational opportunities.

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